World Kindness Day – Monday, November 13, 2017

Happy World Kindness Day!

On Monday, November 13, get involved in a global movement bringing positive change around the world. We can all do random acts of kindness, such as posting positive messages on social media, raking the leaves or clearing the snow of a senior’s front walk, writing a sweet note in your child’s lunch kit, volunteering at a community shelter,  giving up your seat on the bus, or buying coffee for a total stranger. And, don’t forget, kindness extends to animals as well.

Research about human kindness has found a positive connection between happiness and kindness. In simple terms, when you’re kind, you’re happier and the happier you are, the kinder you are.

Paying it Forward
In recognition of World Kindness Day, The Flag Shop President, Susan Braverman, has plans for her team this week. She said, “World Kindness Day is a great reminder to all of us of the power of kindness, and as someone who doesn’t believe in ‘Hallmark Holidays’ I think every day should be Kindness Day.” She adds, “The true beauty of consciously showing kindness to others is that we have no way of knowing the full impact of one simple act of kindness, or how many people we actually reach, by even one small gesture.”

The World Kindness Movement
The mission of the World Kindness Movement (WKM) is to inspire individuals and connect nations to create a kinder world. The WKM encourages and supports individuals, communities, cities and nations to establish independent kindness movements to join the World Kindness Movement to see a kinder world realized in our lifetime.

Be kind, it’s contagious!