Toothpick Flags to Impossible Foods Reach Two Million Units

It’s mind-boggling to think about the sheer numbers, and we know it may be hard to visualize two million of anything, so this may help:  Our sources tell us it would take over 140 uninterrupted hours (no breaks) to simply count to two million. Any way you look at it, that’s a lot of flags. Or – what we mean is – that’s a lot of toothpicks, and every last one of them is FDA approved for food contact!

Impossible Foods aims to create the world’s most delicious, nutritious, and sustainable meat and dairy foods, derived directly from plants. This socially responsible company has been around since 2011, working tirelessly to fulfill its mission “to drastically reduce humanity’s destructive impact on the global environment by completely replacing the use of animals as a food production technology.”

To take a bite out of the Impossible Burger, now available at locations across Canada and the US, and to learn more about innovation in plant-based foods, visit the Impossible Foods website at

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