Friends of the Canadian Club of Vancouver


The Flag Shop proudly sponsors The Canadian Club of Vancouver, which had its beginnings over 110 years ago, in 1906.

The Board of Directors, together with Raymond Greenwood, President, support the work of the club to promote the Canadian identity and foster patriotic sentiment in a diverse and multicultural nation. While advancing  knowledge of Canada’s own history, the club honours talent in the arts, sciences, business and public affairs, through its events and initiatives held throughout the year.

In the 1920s, the club was a leader in a local initiative to erect a cenotaph in Victory Square, honouring Canadian war veterans. Actively pursuing its goals to foster fellowship among people, and encouraging the celebration of the Canadian identity, while creating dialogue around matters of national significance, the Canadian Club of Vancouver continues to be a community leader today. The club hosts meaningful events featuring guest speakers who share knowledge, insights and personal pride in Canadian pursuits. The club is also involved in important citizenship ceremonies for new Canadians, as well as in hosting the BC-Resident Order of Canada event.

Past guest speakers include: Peter Mansbridge, OC, former Chief Correspondent of CBC News; Santa J. Ono, President, UBC; The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, and The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Plan to attend the next event in January, as the club welcomes Warren Roy, CEO & Founder, Global Relay.

For a full roster of upcoming events in 2018, or for membership information, please visit

Local Citizen with a Heart for Puerto Rico Leads Successful Fundraiser

It’s been over two months since Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. As the worst natural disaster to hit the region in nearly 100 years, the hurricane destroyed homes, and knocked out all electricity, affecting the 3.4 million people who live there. Still today, only 46.6% of Puerto Rico has electrical power and it could take months to fully restore electricity to the territory.

A loyal customer of The Flag Shop, Jose Rivera decided to do something to help. As a champion of this important cause, Jose led a fundraising event, which took place last month. With a sister and many personal connections in Puerto Rico, he first saw the plight of the people when he visited in January. Of this experience, he said, “This is a poor island country with very few resources, and the US government does not do enough to help.” He adds, “Even before Hurricane Maria, the country had many struggles, which are now magnified in the wake of the hurricane.”

Jose remembers first coming to The Flag Shop 10 years ago when he needed an El Salvador flag, to pay homage to his home county. For the fundraiser, he knew it would be important to honour the people of Puerto Rico by prominently displaying the Puerto Rico flag as a symbol of national strength, unity and pride.

The Flag Shop is so grateful to Jose for the opportunity to support the event by donating the flag rentals and supplying Canada/Puerto Rico friendship pins on a consignment basis. The special evening was attend by 160+ guests, at our neighbour’s, Andina, a craft beer brewery, which is close enough to see from our window. We heard Andina donated the event venue and, as if that were not enough, they also donated $1 for every drink and food item sold.

Additional relief and future security for the people of Puerto Rico is expected to be announced today. US Senator, Bernie Sanders will introduce a $146 billion recovery plan for Puerto Rico which is expected to provide for renewable energy, including wind and solar power, all within this decade. The bill also provides for billions of dollars in additional funding for education, transportation and health care.

Congratulations to Jose and team, and all those in the community who supported this effort, together raising $9158.20 sent through ConPRmetidos, to bring much-needed relief to the people of Puerto Rico.

National Red Mitten Day in Canada – Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Across the country, National Red Mitten Day is celebrated as a collective expression of Canadian Olympic Pride. If you want to be a part of supporting Canadian athletes who have big Olympic dreams, just put on your red mittens today. Any red mittens will do!

The Hudson’s Bay Company founded National Red Mitten Day in anticipation of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, and since then, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the red mittens has gone directly to supporting our athletes of today, and extending to those of future generations.

Supplying flags and banners for the 2010 Winter Olympics is a major highlight in the more recent years of The Flag Shop’s 40+ year history! We all know what it feels like to cheer on the best of the best Canadian athletes who strive for gold on the world stage, and who represent the pride of all Canadians in achieving athletic excellence!

Through National Red Mitten Day which has raised over $30 million for the Canadian Olympic Foundation since it began our athletes benefit from the best coaching, state-of-the-art equipment, sports medicine, and other resources which give them world-class training opportunities.

Be a part of the tradition of wearing red mittens today. To learn more about Red Mitten Day, and how you can get involved, (or if you need red mittens), please visit:




World Kindness Day – Monday, November 13, 2017

Happy World Kindness Day!

On Monday, November 13, get involved in a global movement bringing positive change around the world. We can all do random acts of kindness, such as posting positive messages on social media, raking the leaves or clearing the snow of a senior’s front walk, writing a sweet note in your child’s lunch kit, volunteering at a community shelter,  giving up your seat on the bus, or buying coffee for a total stranger. And, don’t forget, kindness extends to animals as well.

Research about human kindness has found a positive connection between happiness and kindness. In simple terms, when you’re kind, you’re happier and the happier you are, the kinder you are.

Paying it Forward
In recognition of World Kindness Day, The Flag Shop President, Susan Braverman, has plans for her team this week. She said, “World Kindness Day is a great reminder to all of us of the power of kindness, and as someone who doesn’t believe in ‘Hallmark Holidays’ I think every day should be Kindness Day.” She adds, “The true beauty of consciously showing kindness to others is that we have no way of knowing the full impact of one simple act of kindness, or how many people we actually reach, by even one small gesture.”

The World Kindness Movement
The mission of the World Kindness Movement (WKM) is to inspire individuals and connect nations to create a kinder world. The WKM encourages and supports individuals, communities, cities and nations to establish independent kindness movements to join the World Kindness Movement to see a kinder world realized in our lifetime.

Be kind, it’s contagious!

Wearing Your Poppy to Honour Our Canadian Heroes

On Remembrance Day, we pay tribute to the more than 2.3 million Canadians who have served throughout history and the more than 118,000 who laid down their lives in the name of peace and freedom.

We wear red poppies as symbols of remembrance because of the poem, “In Flanders Fields,” written by a Canadian doctor, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae.  This poem was written from viewpoint of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and peace. It is their command to the living to carry on.

According to the Royal Canadian Legion, the poppy should be worn on the left lapel, which is closer to the heart. Poppies are to be worn from October 31 to November 11, and rather than being discarded on November 12, they should be placed at a cenotaph (a monument or tomb built in honour of people who died at war and are buried elsewhere).

Lest we forget.

Doing Our Part to End Forced Marriage

Many of us have heard the term “forced marriage” but not all will be aware of current statistics reflecting a harsh reality: every year, 15 million girls and women around the world are forced to marry against their will. Early and forced marriage is a violation of human rights and severely impacts social and economic development on a global scale. While this is an international crisis, forced marriage is happening in our own backyard, as well. Children account for 700 million, while women in the LGBTQ community and women with disabilities are also forced into marriage. Canadian law contains provisions in family, immigration and criminal laws which help to protect citizens from marriage without consent, however, these provisions do not address the longstanding and culturally-accepted practices of other nations.

The  Flag Shop President ,  Susan Braverman said, “Victims of early and forced marriage need us to speak up for them and give them a voice.” She adds, “Every young girl deserves a chance at a bright future, so we simply could not miss our chance to help uphold the basic human rights of freedom of expression and education.”

Let us all stand together and speak out against early and forced marriage.

Text “NOTYET” to: 778 800 3993 to make your donation today and you could win a $100 Amazon gift card.

All funds raised will go towards building culturally-sensitive transition houses in the Fraser Valley, which will help to protect woman against forced and early marriage.

Contest closes November 1, 2017.

East Village BIA

Our President, Susan Braverman has had a long love affair with BIA’s (Business Improvement Associations). How magical it is when a BIA is supplied by its own members! It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling because BIAs are all about that – a sense of community and supporting each other. So, when we had the honour of making feather flags and a tablecloth for East Village BIA, we were immediately struck by the sheer beauty of the situation: East Village’s feather flags and tablecloth were being made IN East Village, and not by any other merchant, but by The Flag Shop! We were an icon in Kitsilano for nearly 40 years and now, seeing East Village BIA’s tablecloth and feather flags going through the printers in our production department was something that made us stop and take notice! We’re so proud to be part of East Village, our own home community!