Men’s Sevens Rugby is Happening this Weekend in Vancouver!

Get Caught Up in the Frenzy of Men’s Sevens Rugby!

March 10th and 11th, 2018
BC Place

Rugby fans everywhere are pumped to be a part of this epic event. Rugby sevens is a variation of the better-known game of 15s rugby, and continues to gain popularity. For those who especially appreciate action, agility and hands-on, knock-down, drag-out power in sports, sevens rugby is right up there with the best of the best in spectator sports.

Seven fearless players on opposing teams play on a full-sized rugby field, known as a pitch. Each half lasts only seven minutes, with a one-minute break between halves. Every moment is packed with extreme demonstrations of athletic strength and power, which happens – from start to finish – in less time than it would take to go for a coffee break! The game is known to be so entertaining that it hardly matters if you don’t know much about the game, or the rules of play. When you’re there, you’ll pick it up quickly (you’d have to, since each match lasts only 14 minutes) and, word is that you’ll fall in love with the game!

The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
The 2018 series includes 10 tournaments planned in cities around the world. National teams accumulate points during each round and each tournament takes place over two days.

The series began late last year, in the following locations:
Dubai: December 1-2
Cape Town:  December 9-10
Sydney:  January 26-28
Hamilton:  February 3-4
Las Vegas:  March 2-4
Vancouver:  March 10-11
Hong Kong:  April 6-8
Singapore:  April 28-29
London:  June 2-3
Paris:  June 9-10

Represent Your Nation
Teams of the series represent the nations of Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Spain, Kenya, New Zealand, Russia, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, USA and Wales.

For our readers in the area, check out the link for more information, or to attend

If you need flags to get behind your favourite team, to cheer them on and express your national pride, plan to stop in and see us on Powell, just a short skip east of BC Place! We’d be thrilled to set you up!

Go team!


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