East Village BIA

Our President, Susan Braverman has had a long love affair with BIA’s (Business Improvement Associations). How magical it is when a BIA is supplied by its own members! It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling because BIAs are all about that – a sense of community and supporting each other. So, when we had the honour of making feather flags and a tablecloth for East Village BIA, we were immediately struck by the sheer beauty of the situation: East Village’s feather flags and tablecloth were being made IN East Village, and not by any other merchant, but by The Flag Shop! We were an icon in Kitsilano for nearly 40 years and now, seeing East Village BIA’s tablecloth and feather flags going through the printers in our production department was something that made us stop and take notice! We’re so proud to be part of East Village, our own home community!